Notes from Meditation classes by Stanley Merrill


Beginning Meditation 
Class 1
Teachers Notes – BeginnersMeditationClass1TeachersNotes
Handouts- BeginnersMeditationClass1Handouts
PowerPoint – BeginnersMeditationClass1PowerPoint

Houston Jung Center – “Using Meditation to Cope With Stress” July 2017
—–  PowerPoint Presentation LongBookJuly2017PowerPoint
—–  Detailed Class Notes CopingWithStressFourHoursJuly2017

Notes from Compassion Week – Compassion from 3 perspectives  –                        –              ——            CompassionFromThreePerspectives

These are the notes from the LAMP presentation 3/24/2016

These are the detail notes for “Coping with Stress” at West U Senior Center- 7/20/2016