Notes from Meditation classes by Stanley Merrill

Guided Meditations

The following are two some guided meditations.

7 minute long slow breath – This short guided meditation is something that you can do before you go to sleep each day and when you wake up in the morning.   After listening to this several times, please create your own meditation with the instructions that are most helpful to you.

Detail Instructions with long Slow Breath – This guided meditation has some techniques that can help improve your ability to focus.

Long Slow Breath – Do it any time during the day, while waiting in line, red lights, before or after any stressful situation

Body Scan – This guided mediation can help you sleep at night

Kirtan Kriya Instructions -How to do Kirtan Kriya Yoga

Kirtan Kriya – 12 Minute Kirtan Kriya  YogaYoga

Prayers – A variety of prayers and affirmations

Compassion Meditation

Changing Focus Mediation

Preliminary Practice

Cheri Huber’s – “A blanket of acceptance”


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  1. stan
    February 26, 2013

    great website

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